Plastex — World-leading tensional strapping, vinyl matting
and flexible profile extruders

Strapping - When you buy from Plastex, you are buying the technical skill we've built up over nearly 50 years of independent manufacture of flexible plastic extrusion products.

Manufacturing over 1,000,000 km per year, Plastex is the UK's largest trade only supplier of tensional polypropylene and polyester strapping.

Matting - Plastex vinyl matting & flooring is designed to deliver results, whatever your specific need. Uses of our matting products range from bare foot wet-side leisure, through stylish entrance flooring, to meeting the demands of heavy industrial environments.

Flexible profile extrusions – As our company name implies, our roots were in general plastic extrusion. Over the ensuing years we have tuned our expertise, today offering individual OEM's bespoke volume thermoplastic profile extrusion solutions.

If you want to know more call or e-mail us – we'd be delighted to help you.