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Plastex becomes greener!


Low Carbon Business awards a grant to local plastic strapping and vinyl flooring manufacturer Plastic Extruders.
The business has recently become interested in making an additional effort to cut its costs and become ‘greener’. The lighting was highlighted as a project that would be relatively simple to implement and could generate a good return on investment.
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New Products

Plastex Chex

100% recycled solid surface PVC tiling system.

pdficon Download Plastex Chex brochure

Plastex Lok

100% recycled open grid PVC tiling system.

pdficon Download Plastex Lok brochure

Frontrunner SB and Frontrunner SB+

Two additions to the Frontrunner Entrance Flooring System range with a solid back to facilitate bonding to subfloors.

pdficon Download Frontrunner SB and Frontrunner SB+ brochure

Crossgrip TPO

Roof walkway matting compatible with TPO, EPDM, PVC and modified bitumen roofs.

pdficon Download Crossgrip TPO brochure

Strapping downloads

sec1icon Download the Strapping brochure - May 2011

Matting downloads

mattingicon Download the Full range Matting brochure - Jan 2013

Plastex Long-Serving Employees

We are really proud to have long-serving employees and would like to thank them for all their loyalty and commitment they displayed over the years.

The following people have served the company for over 25 years:

  • Jonathan Palmer (43 years)

  • Tariq Dean (43 years)

  • Ian Green (40 years)

  • Mick Laverty (39 years)

  • Melvin Llewellyn (38 years)

  • Graham Wing (37 years)

  • Saeeduddin Saeed (37 years)

  • Keith Mint (36 years)

  • John Longman (36 years)

  • Daniel Acquah-Davis (35 years)

  • John Church (34 years)

  • David O'Sullivan (33 years)

  • Arthur Watkins (33 years)

  • John Comfort (33 years)

  • Sam Brown (33 years)

  • Keith Wright (33 years)

  • Robert Pinner (32 years)

  • Marvin Lathrope (31 years)

  • David Johnson (31 years)

  • Cheyenne Brazil (31 years)

  • Haydn Smith (30 years)

  • Peter O' Sullivan (28 years)

  • Linda Smith (28 years)

  • Mohamed Nasir (28 years)

  • Paul Nelson (26 years)